PaaS is like a shopping mall.

In comparing the prior stand-alone software product model  to the new cloud computing model, a clear analogy can be made between the development and launching of a stand-alone street store to launching a similar store in a shopping mall. 



Opening a stand-alone store requires a large amount of tasks like property acquisition, planning and permitting process with the government, power procurement, water procurement, sewage procurement, compliance with laws and policies such as parking, set up of security, advertising, cleaning services, etc. But opening the same store in a mall largely eliminates the above tasks. So you can open and go to market much faster with much better quality. In addition to that, malls also provide a guaranteed and compelling walk-by traffic.

Similarly the old software model, required a lot of infrastructure steps to just get started.  But by putting your application on an existing PaaS and the associated marketplace you can eliminate large numbers of tasks, go to market much faster and with better quality and finally get a lot more immediate traffic from other applications in the same marketplace.

PaaS is a Shopping Mall - Video

PaaS is one of the layers

Cloud computing breaks into three broad types:

     Software as a Service (SaaS)

     Platform as a Service (PaaS)

     Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Most people have a clear understanding of SaaS. The application is hosted by the application vendor in the cloud and users pay only a monthly or annual subscription fee.  By contrast, IaaS and PaaS don’t offer applications, rather the opportunity to rent out the infrastructure on which to run them, including the servers and storage. 

Gartner defines PaaS as “a broad collection of application infrastructure (middleware) services (including application platform, integration, and business process management and database services).”

Global Market Intelligence firm IDC estimates that the global market for PaaS will reach $20billion by 2020.

 IDC worldwide cloud spending by segment

The growing cloud market and compelling advantages to vendor and customer indicate clearly that businesses are heading in a cloud-ward direction at a rapid clip.


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